Ordering System

Bite’s order system comes with a user-friendly interface for each user,

The system is accessible through this web page and through our “Bite Administrator” app, available for Android™ and Apple™ devices.

Administering inbound orders

The system will show all inbound orders from your customers in the last 24 hours and an order status with an option to filter order information: order date, order time, ordering person’s name, order type, address, ordering person’s phone, order source, status.

When clicking on an existing order, the following information will be displayed:

Order number | payment method | date | ordering person’s name | time | telephone | address | courier fee | order status

The system allows you to search for a particular option on the client’s name.

For example, a client calls you about their order.

With one click, you can find them by searching their name, and check the order quickly without unduly delaying the customer on the phone.

Managing your business’ operating hours

The system provides you with the option to change operation hours per your business’ needs and choose which days and times and the business will be open or closed to orders.

For example, in holidays, you can define if the orders to the business will be open, and when.

Or, if some reason, you chose not to accept orders on a certain day, you can close the order option with the click of a button by changing the business’ operating hours.

Managing your business’ inventory

Inventory management is user friendly, divided by restaurant menu categories with a further option to search the dish’s name for easier location.

For each product, you have the option to tag if it exists in your inventory, with the option to show a certain product as available for courier order, personal takeout, or sitting at your restaurant.

For example, if there is a dish you see as inappropriate for courier orders, you can tag it in your inventory as suitable for sitting at the restaurant, and it will appear only to customers who chose to sit at the restaurant or collect their own takeout, while those choosing courier order will not see it on their menu.

Managing your customer database

Each customer who made an order, the system will save his number in its database, even if he did not complete the order.

The business’ customer database will show all customers who ordered so far from the business, with detailed information – customer’s name, phone number, address, town, and last order date. This is presented in several pages.

When you click on a customer in the database, an order history will appear with full access to all orders he performed so far (this function is only available in the app right now).

The customer database also has the option to export the customer list to a Microsoft Excel™ report.,

Tools to increase your business’ sales

Push notifications

This marketing tool allows you to create app push notifications.

For example, if you want to advertise a new deal or a new dish on your menu, you can notify your customers of this, grabbing their attention by the notification and thus increasing your business’ sales.


You can create coupons creating a bonus for the customer.
In a general discount coupon, you can define:

1. Deal name

2. Discount type (percentage or sum)

3. Minimal order sum to be eligible for the bonus.

4. Activating and deactivating the coupon with the click of a button.

5. Defining the coupon’s bonus end date.

In a new users’ coupon, you can define:

1. Deal name

2. Discount type (percentage or sum)

3. Minimal order sum to be eligible for the bonus.

4. Number of uses.

5. Activating and deactivating the coupon with the click of a button.


You can show the order or items reports, filtered by dates and customizable parameters, with the option to export everything to Microsoft Excel™.

In the order report, you will see the credit card and cash transaction calculation, and how many transactions were performed in total.

Additionally, you will see a detailed list of the customers who performed orders, detailing the following:

1. Order number

2. Order date

3. Customer’s name

4. Payment method

In the items reports you can see which dishes were ordered more often in your chosen date range, detailing the following:

1. Category

2. Item

3. Amount

4. Sum

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