Increase Sales

Increase Sales with our solution

Installation bonus coupon

Do you want your customers to use your web page and app? We have the perfect tool for that!

Increasing your business’ sales by a smart coupon identifying the customer’s phone number and the number of times he ordered from you and grants him a bonus based on that information.

For example, We defined a 10% discount on the first 3 times; an appropriate message will pop for the customer, updating him with the number of times left for use.

Bonus coupon conditional on sum and time

To increase the average order and encourage activity in non-peak times

A smart bonus coupon conditional on a minimum order and activity time, granting a benefit based on that.

For example, 10% off for customers ordering over 70 NIS before 13:00.

Bonus system – increase the average order

Do you want to encourage the customer to add additional items to his order and increase the sale?

A bonus system intended to encourage customers to order more.

Step #1: The customer is informed by a pop-up message about the conditional bonuses.

Step #2: The customer exceeds the conditional sum and receives the option to choose one bonus item for free or at a discount.

Increase Sales on your business with a scratch coupon

How do you encourage the customer to order again from your business?

A scratch coupon, to increase order frequency, deepening customer engagement, and increasing the average order.

How does this work: at the end of every order, a scratch card pops up for the customer; after he scratches it, he wins one pre-defined product to use in his next order, conditional on time and the minimum order sum.

For example, you won fries for your next order, valid for 10 days, minimum order 70 NIS.

Code Coupon

Do you want to treat loyal customers with an exclusive deal? Or grant a discount on a special day?

With this coupon code, you can create deals intended for specific customers.

You can also create code coupons for certain times, such as holidays, etc.

How does it work: at the end of the order billing, we will add an option for the customer to input a code coupon.

The code will grant them a pre-defined discount.

For example: the code “BlackFriday” will grant 10% off all the menu.

UpSale System – increasing the sale at the end of the order

Do you want to promote the sale of certain items? Or increase the per-order profit?

A system for increasing the average order sum and promoting profitable items.

At the end of the order, a window will pop up for the customer “You may be interested in…” with several products we would like to offer.

Cross Sale system – Increase Sales within an item

Do you want to offer the customer a side with a certain item?

For certain items, we will offer an “attached” product at a regular price or a small discount.

For example, for a customer who ordered a salad, we will offer him garlic bread or focaccia for 10 NIS rather than 15 NIS.

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