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Questions about Bite Technology

We offer advanced technological solutions to the food industry, including: app, order web page, kiosk stand, digital menu, and brand image web page. Everything – individually branded to your business.

Once our client purchases the service, they send us the logo, menu, dish images (if any), and further relevant details of the business necessary for beginning work on the service they purchased.

Afterwards, we will send all graphical materials (logo, etc.) to our graphical designers, who will create a unique design, branded to the business. At the same time, the menu is implemented in the system – every category, dish, and side.

And, within a few days of work, the service is ready for use 😀

This is one advantage of our services – once you purchased our service, you can log into the system through the Bite Clients page on our web page, as well as by the “Bite Administrator” app downloadable to your phone.

You can mange orders, customers, and many additional wonderful features providing everything your business needs 😊

For more information about our order system, click here.

No, our price is fixed, and we do not charge percentages or commissions.

Between 14 and 20 business days, also depending on your cooperation.

No, but we will instruct you on how to promote the app.

Servers and systems, app stores and programming, design and graphics, menu setup, business setup, and instruction and guidance.

Questions about our system

The order enters the order system, where you can see its details, define its status, etc.

If an item is missing from your inventory, you can manage your business’ inventory through our order system, where you can tag if the product exists in your inventory or not, and of course, also return it to your inventory as needed.

We work with the leading cashier companies in Israel: Aviv Kupot, Presto, NetLunch, and BiCom – and more to come!

Indeed, you can send a message to your customers through push messages (relevant only to an order app) and by SMS messages.

For example, if you want to advertise a new deal or dish entering your menu, you can notify your customers about that.

You can show the order or item reports ordered by date and customizable parameters and export everything to Microsoft Excel™.

For information about reports, click here.

All our products include a credit card clearing option.

The money goes directly to the clearing company/to your account.

You define the order regions, and, for each region, you can define the order fee and minimal order price.

You can connect several branches of your chain with customized settings for each branch (menu, working hours, courier order regions, etc.)

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