How An Online Ordering App Can Increase Your Sales?

In the contemporary world, mobile usage has redefined the limits of improving consumer satisfaction. It has changed the way we socialize with the outside world. With technology developing rapidly, it is no wonder a customized food ordering app will benefit restaurants in a better way. The current situation shows that 95% of smartphone users make restaurant searches on their devices. And nearly 90% of browsers eventually become potential customers. This data shows the importance of having an app for your restaurant. Let us highlight some key points which show us how an online ordering app can increase your sales!

Conveniently Approach Target Customers

By launching a customized app for your restaurant, you specifically reach out to those buyers engrossed in using food-related apps. Functioning online can help you target a particular crowd that is capable of becoming potential customers. Only these customers will utilize your ordering application to order food online frequently.

Develop Customer Engagement with an ordering app

Using an ordering app can increase customer engagement through messages, announcements, notifications, recipes, or more of the same. In the current scenario, this is the most authentic way to interest your customers. If you can keep your customers engaged, your restaurant will eventually get more public recognition. You can try to reward a customer who orders via your app. Mobile applications have lots of inbuilt alternatives to keep up with engagement levels. Keep your customers tuned to different offers by updated pricing and menus. For example, you can avail your customers of discounts on orders that cross a certain bill amount. This technique will help to increase your traffic.

Courier brings the order to a customer
A happy customer who ordered from an ordering app with the food he ordered

Increase Customer Loyalty

An ordering app helps you boost your online orders as it is much more convenient to order food on an app. Instead of traveling to a restaurant to place an order, customers can scroll through the menu and place the order. They can also save their delivery location and favorites, making it easier to order food within hardly a few clicks. You can also consider rolling out personalized offers based on their purchase history to boost your sales online. Giving a loyalty program for regular customers can produce incremental sales and establish a faithful customer relationship. A food ordering app dedicated to your restaurant makes it much simpler to control a loyalty program. Ordering online through your app makes it effortless for your customers to order from you whenever they feel like staying in. Offering online delivery services lets customers increase their loyalty.

Online Ordering App Makes You More Efficient

The online ordering app facility provides your customers and your staff the benefit of increased efficiency.  You can save money by not paying extra staff for taking orders by phone calls. Your customers can order just by scrolling through the menu and clicking on their favorite dishes. The customers don’t have to wait for your staff to talk over call and take their order over the loud noise. There is very little room for error, and you can deliver orders with higher accuracy. 

A courier holds an order
Two cashiers are holding a tablet to see an order that came from an ordering app

Online Ordering Helps in Upselling Your Product.

Researches considering online platforms such as apps have shown that customers tend to order more when ordering online. It is a fact that mobile apps are upstanding platforms to upsell your products. As already mentioned, the mobile apps keep your customers up to date with your pricing. Customers use apps with the belief of getting some benefits like special discounts. You can have a special discount on any repeated order of a customer, suggest perfect sides for their dishes, and whatnot.

Drive New Traffic Through Online Ordering

Your customers can find your restaurant through many online platforms, including Google. If you don’t promote your online ordering app on these channels – or execute it on them – you’ll end up selling yourself very little.

Depending on your goals and target audience, this could involve marketing to your in-store customers in order to collect their email addresses and grow their order frequency.

Hand holding a mobile to use a ordering app


Adding an online delivery facility to your restaurant not only increases the number of pickups – but also increases delivery orders. It also increases your average order size and customer loyalty.

Online ordering is the next big thing in the future. Your customers desire take-out and delivery. They don’t want to leave the comfort zone of their own homes, so it’s totally on you to satisfy their need for convenience with ordering online. The move to digital online ordering shouldn’t be too hard. It will also save you time and money when it comes to labor costs.

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